I love NY


Työhösselin katkaisee loma suurkaupungissa. Ja tuliaiseksi itselleni tuon ehdottomasti kauan himoitsemani mukikuusikon (jos vain matkalaukkuun mahtuu).  Ai niin ja edellisen postauksen mustapohjainen Sweet Bay tilattu!

Kuvan lainasin tuolta.

Going on a much needed vacation abroad. I´ve decided to treat myself with a couple of these gorgeous souvenir mugs. And also decided on the wallpapers in the previous post; it´s going to be the black one.


Tapetteja, tapetteja


Haaveilen kaupungissa seinällisestä tapettia. Kävin hypistelemässä Sandersonin ja Cole & Sonin tapettikirjoja ja nappasin mallit Sweet Bay:stä  ja Orchidista. Kauniita tapettimalleja tuntuu olevan loputtoman paljon, miten niistä osaa yhden valita?



Green house - hetken englanniksi

I have recently (to my great surprise and joy!) had also non-Finnish people visiting my blog. I thought it would maybe be nice to write a short summary about my blog for you in English.

About two years ago I decided to realise a life long dream of having my very own summer house. At the time I was living in a one room apartment in the city and wanted a place to go to when in need of more space and some fresh air.  I like to renovate and decorate, so it was obvious I wanted the house to be old and shabby. I especially admired the modest and practical wooden houses built in the 1940´s and 50´s after the war. After having looked into it, I found out that it would be possible for me to buy an old house situated about a two-hour drive from Helsinki, the city where I lived in. So I ended up offering to buy a beautiful green house by a field in the countryside, built in 1948.

The house has four rooms; kitchen, livingroom and guest bedroom downstairs, and another bedroom upstairs. There is electricity, but no running water. The house came with some forest and a yard with plum and apple trees. In the summertime you can see deer in the field nearby, last summer I watched a big elk walk majestically by in the night time.

This blog is a photo diary about the house. I usually write a few words about what has been going on in the countryside lately; renovating, latest thrift store finds, furniture moving around, and so on. Sometimes, if I haven´t visited the house in a long time, I might post pictures about the apartment in the city also. The name of the blog "Vihreä talo" simply translates to "Green house".